Monday, 15 May 2017

CRISIS POINT VI - Andreivia (Dawn of Freedom)

Just been going through some photos and realised I hadn't posted anything about Sunday's game at Crisis Point VI. So I thought I better remedy that situation.

So here goes, better late than never!

The British Forces in Tcherbevan occupy the Old Fort on the outskirts of the city

The British deploy forward elements to cover the approaches to the Old Fort. Bolsheviks advance past the Grain Warehouse in the distance and take heavy casualties from the British MG's.

Andreivian Police occupy the Ministry building on the main square

Random event card results in a roll of 38 (Faltering Morale). A member of the British MG Team fails his morale test and is immediately panicked. A disastrous roll on the Panic Table results in the figures exiting the board. 

British forces keep watch from the Old Fort after hearing rumours of Arabs in the fields around the city

It wasn't long before the rumours came true!

A surprise attack from outside the city resulted in one rifleman lost before they could return fire and stop the incursion

British advance to halt the Arabs

Meanwhile after the initial losses the Bolsheviks continue their advance towards the Main Square supported by a Armoured Car.

The Andreivian Police attack the building held by the Bolsheviks with supporting fire from the roof of the Ministry building

After brutal close combat the Andreivian Police were forced to withdraw but not before inflicting heavy casualties

The forward elements of the British come under mortar fire from the English Church

The Armoured Car is hit several times and is destroyed. One crewman manages to escape the burning wreckage

British forces advance to take the English Church and force the Bolshevik Mortar Team to retreat.

Another random event resulted in a roll of 70 (Suicidal Rifleman) which saw one British Rifleman move three actions towards the nearest known enemy and engage them in close combat. As you can see he lived to tell the tale.

Unfortunately at this point the camera on my phone decided to crash so I was unable to take any more photos!!!!

The game continued with the Bolsheviks assaulting the Ministry buildings and successfully driving the Andreivian Police out but they took heavy casualties leaving only 4 Bolshevik infantrymen on the table with a large British force heading to retake the Ministry. By the end of Sunday Tcherbevan was safely back in British hands, but for how long?

A thoroughly enjoyable days gaming with a great opponent, Ron controlling the Bolsheviks. Thanks Oh Mighty Oracle of Andreivia (AKA Richard C) for organising another great Crisis Point event and it will always be one of the highlights of my gaming year. 

Friday, 21 April 2017

PULP ALLEY - Poundland Statue

On a recent trip to Poundland to pick up the essentials like superglue I came across this ornament. Could come in very useful for Pulp Alley games. I will take some more photos on table but for now here is just a quick shot of the statue. It stands about 20cm high and, yes you guessed it, it cost £1.00.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

ARC OF FIRE - Activation Cards

After the recent Crisis Point event one of things I wanted to do was to make myself a set of cards for the new activation system that was used. So after checking with the Oracle of Andeivia himself about what the cards consisted of I made a set for use in Shed HQ. Richard C also suggested the addition of a Brown 1 card which gives any unit with a 1 on their command chit an extra activation unless they are classed as 'Passive'. We didn't use this at Crisis Point but I thought I would make the card anyway so I could use it if needed.

As always thanks for looking. Hopefully give these a solo run out in Shed HQ soon. 

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

CRISIS POINT VI - Andreivia (Dawn of Freedom)

After Saturday's session had finished, and before we headed to the Royal for beer and pies, we quickly reviewed the table situations. It was decided to close the Caucasus table as the Turks had overrun the Andreivian trenches and were now in pursuit of the retreating Andreivian forces. It was decided that the best course of action was to add an extra section to the Black Sea coast table so the Andreivian forces could withdraw towards Tcherbevan and try and link up with other Andreivian forces in the area.

Extra section on the end of Table One ready for Sunday morning

Retreating Andreivian forces prepare to defend the approaches to Tcherbevan

The Tuzkhur Valley table continued as it was left on Saturday evening, the only change being the arrival of Turkish forces from the Caucasus table.

Woosterforce occupy Tuzkhur and set up camp for the night

The dawn would bring the arrival of the Turks and heavy fighting would break out along the Tuzkhur Valley road

Sunday would also see action in the Capital of Andreivia, Tcherbevan, where a combined force of British and Andreivian Police attempt to hold the city from repeated attacks from Russians and Arabs.

The British occupy the Old Fort in Tcherbevan

The Andreivian Police occupy the Government Building in the centre of the city

Tables all set up for Sunday, in the foreground is the Tcherbevan table

Extended Black Sea coast table 

Tuzkhur Valley table

So it was time to adjourn to the Royal for pies and beer and discussions on tomorrows gaming and also the topic of what to do for Crisis Point VII.

For more great AAR's please check out the following blogs:-

Andy C's great blog where you will also find plenty of info on all the units he prepared for the event.

The Oracle of Andreivia himself, Richard C's blog.

Will's wargames blog where there is plenty of 20mm figures to enjoy along with some of his superb terrain.

As always thanks for looking. Next up is the Battle for Tcherbevan as that was the table I was assigned to for Sunday along with Ron. I would be playing the British/Andreivian force and Ron would take control of the Russians. 

TERRAIN - 20mm Pontoon Bridge

Picked this up from a local Charity Shop and assembled it and gave it a quick paint job this morning. Not sure I'll ever use all of it, but one section plus the ramps make a great bridge. Probably scratchbuild a couple more ramps to go with the other bridge section.

The Costa Verde Defence Force cross the pontoon bridge

CVDF vehicles head out on patrol

The whole bridge assembled

Another view of the two sections and two ramps. Will scratchbuild two extra ramps as this will mean I have two usable bridges

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

CRISIS POINT VI - Andreivia (Dawn of Freedom)

Pictures from the other tables including some from Jamie's Pulp Alley game.

Ron deciding his next move

The Andreivian Museum of Antiquities in Tcherbevan

Will's turn to wear the 'Hat of Initiative'

Now it's Ron's

The Andreivian Police move through the museum

The floor tiles looked great and Jamie had used Lego for the black display pedestals which looked great and that is definitely an idea I shall be borrowing for my museum.

The game in full flow.

Andy C now has the 'Hat of Initiative'. Rather suits him I think :-)

The office of the museum

Some great little tables and chairs

'Dum Dum'

The Caucasus table all set up, this would see heavy fighting between the Andreivian's and the Turks.

The Andreivian trenches

The Turkish trenches

Andreivian troops await the onslaught from the Turks, outgunned and outnumbered how long could they hold.

Andreivian FT-17's

Turks ready for the assault

Lots of Turkish firepower

The Turks overrun the Andreivian trenches.

The Turks prepare to march

Victorious Turks leave their trenches and head north in pursuit of the Andreivian troops.

The following photos are all of the Tuzkhur Valley table. Unfortunately I didn't manage to keep up to date with this table much over the weekend due to commitments elsewhere. So just pictures I'm afraid.